Models of the IEEE 802.11ad/ay standard
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This module is the result of porting the upstream WiGig repository, developed by IMDEA and NIST, to reduce code duplication with ns-3 Wi-Fi module and align with the ns-3.40 release.

If you wish to publish research based in part on this module, please consider to cite a paper from this list of publications

The port of the WiGig code from a ns-3 repository fork to an ns-3 contributed module was funded by the ns-3 Consortium and U.S. National Science Foundation awards CNS-2016381 and CNS-2016379.


Works with ns-3.41

Build History : WiGig 1.1

Release Notes

<p>Updated for ns-3.41 API changes.</p>


Works with ns-3.40

Build History : WiGig 1.0

Release Notes

<p>Initial release of the module (based on commit 6287b50 from the <a href="https://github.com/wigig-tools/wigig-module">upstream repository</a>).</p>


Clone or download this module into the ns-3 contrib directory, in a directory named 'wigig', and reconfigure ns-3 (no additional libraries are needed).

Submit issues to the [issue tracker](https://gitlab.com/nsnam/modules/wigig/-/issues).

This ns-3 extension is one or more contributed modules.

Version 1.1

Released April 15, 2024

Works with ns-3.41