if77 model for ns-3

Wrapper around the if77 propagation model.
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The if77 module is an ns-3 contrib module which implements a new PropagationLossModel which can be used to calculate propagation loss of wireless signals in ns-3 simulations. The PropagationLossModel defined by this contrib module is a wrapper around a Fortran library which implements the IF-77 model.

The IF-77 model is an electromagnetic wave propagation model developed for the Federal Aviation Administration by M.E. Johnson and G.D. Gierhart. The model is applicable to air/air, air/ground, air/satellite, ground/ground, and ground/satellite paths for frequencies in the range 100Mhz to 20GHz.

More information about the If-77 model, including the original paper and Fortran source code, can be found here


Works with ns-3.31

Build History : if77 model for ns-3 1.0

Release Notes

<p>Initial Release</p> <ul> <li>Implement the ns3::If77PropagationLossModel</li> </ul>


See the [readme](https://github.com/LLNL/ns3-if77-module/blob/master/README.md) for details on installing and compiling this module

If you find a bug, please open an issue on the if77 module GitHub repository. Please include the following information in your bug report 1. As much detail about the bug as possible (desired behavior, actual behavior, etc.) 2. Version of ns-3 you are using 3. Operating System you are building on 4. Compiler name and version

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