Epidemic Routing

Epidemic Routing for Partially-Connected Ad Hoc Networks
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Epidemic Routing for Partially-Connected Ad Hoc Networks

A public code review for this app can be found at: https://gitlab.com/nsnam/ns-3-contrib-reviews/-/merge_requests/1


Works with ns-3.29

Latest Build :

Build History : Epidemic Routing 0.1

Release Notes

<p>Initial version working with ns-3.29 release, ported from Mohammed's code review issue.</p>
Bakefile : Link

### Installation from download button 1. Download the source archive and unpack it: ``` $ tar xfj epidemic-routing-master.tar.bz2 ``` 2. Move (and rename) the `epidemic-routing-master` directory to `ns-3.29/contrib/epidemic-routing` 3. Build ns-3.29 as usual ### Installation from bake 1. Download the `epidemic-routing.xml` configuration file, and place it in the `contrib` folder of bake (you may need to mkdir to create this contrib folder). 2. Configure bake such as: ``` $ ./bake.py configure -e ns-3.29 -e pybindgen -e epidemic-routing ``` 3. Run bake installation as usual. ``` $ ./bake.py check $ ./bake.py show $ ./bake.py download $ ./bake.py build ```

This module is not actively developed but will be maintained on a best-effort basis. If you wish to report an issue, please use the issue tracker at: https://gitlab.com/tomhend/modules/epidemic-routing/issues GitLab Merge Requests for code proposals are also accepted.

This ns-3 extension is one or more contributed modules.

Version 0.1

Released Nov. 24, 2018

Works with ns-3.29

Bake bakeconf.xml