Shim to enable use of the EMPIRE propagation suite in ns-3 simulations.
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EMPIRE Shim is an ns-3 contrib module which provides a new PropagationLossModel which can be used to calculate propagation loss of wireless signals in ns-3 simulations. The PropagationLossModel defined by the EMPIRE Shim contrib module uses the EMPIRE library to calculate propagation loss.

EMPIRE (Electromagnetic Propagation Integrated Resource Environment) is a C++ library which provides a uniform interface to a variety of propagation models which calculate electromagnetic field propagation over a wide range of conditions, environments and frequencies. EMPIRE is developed for and funded by the United States Government for authorized official uses only.

The current Empire module is based on the ns-3.31 release and supports the following propagation models

  • Advanced Propagation Model (APM)
  • Damboldt HF Skywave Model
  • Hata and COST-Hata
  • Freespace and Freespace Radial
  • Irregular Terrain Model (ITM)
  • Millimeter Wave Model Propagation Model (mmWave)
  • Terrain Integrated Rough Earth Model (TIREM)
  • Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation (VTRPE)

The Empire propagation loss model has support for defining the following environmental parameters.

  • Atmospheric parameters
  • Dielectrics
  • Foliage
  • Rain Level
  • Terrain

To make use of this shim you also need the EMPIRE library itself, which is developed and maintained by RemCom. Contact RemCom for more information on becoming an authorized EMPIRE user.


Works with ns-3.31

Build History : EMPIRE Shim v1.0

Release Notes

<p>Initial release</p> <ul> <li>Implements ns3::EmpirePropagationLossModel</li> </ul>


Follow these steps to gain access to the Empire contrib module 1. Contact [RemCom](https://www.remcom.com/consulting-empire/) to get a copy of the EMPIRE library. 1. Send an e-mail with your name and Github ID to the email address specified in the Resources section on the right side of this page. 1. We will contact RemCom to confirm that you have a valid license to use the EMPIRE library 1. Once confirmed, we will add you to our private GitHub repository containing the code for the Empire ns-3 module. 1. The repository contains information on building the Empire contrib module and using it in an ns-3 simulation.

If you find a bug, please open an issue on the Empire module GitHub repository. Please include the following information in your bug report 1. Version of ns-3 you are using 1. Operating System you are building on 1. Compiler name and version

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