DOCSIS models for ns-3

This module extends ns-3 to simulate the MAC layer operation of a single DOCSISĀ® link (between a cable modem and a CMTS) for a single customer.
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This module extends ns-3 to simulate the MAC layer operation of a single DOCSISĀ® link (between a cable modem and a CMTS) for a single customer. The module includes abstracted PHY models to simulate the presence of OFDM(A) physical channels, models to simulate the request/grant exchange process for requesting upstream transmission opportunities for a cable modem, a simple scheduling model to handle grant requests and congestion due to other CMs in the service group, a downstream MAC model for the CMTS, an AQM model (both DOCSIS-PIE and Dual Queue Coupled AQM), and Queue Protection. All of the OFDM(A) channel configuration options are supported, and subset of the Service Flow QoS configuration parameters are supported. Both single service flow (corresponding to DOCSIS 3.1) and two service flow (corresponding to Low Latency DOCSIS extensions to DOCSIS 3.1) are supported. The corresponding specification is version I19 of the DOCSIS 3.1 MAC and Upper Layer Protocols Interface Specification.

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Works with ns-3.41

Build History : DOCSIS models for ns-3 1.3

Release Notes

<ul> <li>Adds support for ns-3.41</li> </ul>


Works with ns-3.35

Build History : DOCSIS models for ns-3 1.2

Release Notes

<ul> <li>Improved DOCSIS system configuration via the ServiceFlow object</li> <li>Bugfixes</li> <li>Adds support for ns-3.35</li> </ul>


Works with ns-3.31

Build History : DOCSIS models for ns-3 1.1

Release Notes

<p>This release is the 1.0 release with minor updates (no changed behavior) to work with ns-3.31.</p> <p>This release also works with ns-3.32. Upon patching the ns-3.32 source code with the ns-3.31 patch file, there will be a small error in the patch process reported:</p> <pre><code>patching file src/applications/model/ Hunk #6 FAILED at 811. 1 out of 6 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file src/applications/model/ </code></pre> <p>However, this failure can be disregarded, as it only applies to a comment in the code.</p>


Works with ns-3.30

Build History : DOCSIS models for ns-3 1.0

Release Notes

<p>Initial release</p>

This module works for recent versions of ns-3-dev as a contributed module but with an associated mainline patch. Detailed installation instructions can be found at:

To report bugs, please open an issue in the module GitHub repository.

Contributions to the module are welcome. Please review the on the [GitHub page]( and open a pull request if you agree to the code of conduct posted there.

This ns-3 extension is one or more contributed modules.

Version 1.3

Released April 5, 2024

Works with ns-3.41