Direct Code Execution

Direct Code Execution (DCE) is a framework to run real applications and kernel code from within ns-3.
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Direct Code Execution (DCE) is a module for ns-3 that provides facilities to execute, within ns-3, existing implementations of userspace and kernelspace network protocols or applications without source code changes. For example instead of using the pseudo application provided by ns-3 V4PingHelper you can use the true ping.


Works with ns-3.34

Build History : Direct Code Execution 1.11

Release Notes

<p>Last maintenance release for Ubuntu 16.04 distribution.</p>


Works with ns-3.28

Build History : Direct Code Execution 1.10

Release Notes

<ul> <li>migrate github for the repositories (ns-3-dce, quagga, umip)</li> <li>add various missing symbols which are required for newer glibc (ubuntu 16/17, Fedora26/27)</li> <li>migrate to circleci 2.0 build</li> <li>doc infra update: generate doxygen on servers</li> <li>Updated waf to 1.8.19</li> </ul>

DCE is not constructed as a typical ns-3 extension module (for the contrib directory), but it is also not a fork either. DCE has its own build system (also based on Waf) and links ns-3 libraries from ns-3-dev or an ns-3 release. Users are strongly recommended to use the [bake build system]( to configure, download, and build DCE. #### Current installation instructions DCE releases are made asynchronously with ns-3 releases. The last DCE release is version 1.11, compatible with ns-3.34, and requiring Ubuntu 16.04. Please read the [DCE manual]( for detailed installation instructions.

This ns-3 extension is one or more contributed modules.

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